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The Starstrone Sky

I stand beneath the starstrone sky,
In the darkness of the night,
A lonely hill, grey in the dark,
A darkness you can feel.

The stars the spin, they move around,
Before my wondering eyes,
Stars not fixed but thought to be,
Stars like dancing fire flies.

And spin they do, but all return,
To their course across the sky,
These pin pricks move yet stay quite still,
In the darkness of the night.

No wonder all the ancient times,
Spirits and gods they were,
Always present, always watching,
But never holding still.

Ancient secrets painted plain,
Above for all to see,
Yet few do see and less do know,
The secrets painted there.

The singing song, the lonely dance,
Of the stars in darkest night,
The tales they know, the things they’ve seen,
And no one knows it all.

Here I stand, they dance around,
I see the sacred plan,
The whirling castle, the Well of Stars,
And all that is drawn to them.

I stand beneath the starstrone sky,
In the darkness of the night,
A lonely hill, grey in the dark,
A darkness you can feel.

~Bethany “Lorekeeper” Davis, September 25, 2014


The Womb of Night

The Womb of Night
By Muninn’s Kiss

In the deep dark Womb of darkest Night,

A Child is born by Dawn’s new light,
He grows and grows as seasons pass,
First real thin but getting fat,
And as time passes he comes to age,
A bright round face both pale and fair,
But then he fades and loses weight,
Thinner with each passing day,
Til death does take him in the night,
The Womb of Night his final Grave.

Night’s Wind

Night’s Wind
By Muninn’s Kiss

The dark surrounds,
Fills all,
Hides all,
Secrets and mysteries,
Danger and terror,
Peace and calm.

The wind blows,
Out of the night,
Out of the darkness,
Moving hair,
Moving leaves and grass,
Something alive,
Something strong,
Like a hand,
Trying to take.

Is the wind the darkness?
Is the darkness the wind?
Dark wind,
Night’s wind,
Fair Nyx lost in shadow,
Reaching out,
Trying to take,
A wind on skin and hair,
A darkness that can be felt,
Dark wind,
Night’s wind.

Salutations to the Sun

Sunset over Laramie, WY

Salutations to the Sun
By Muninn’s Kiss

Salutations to the sun,
Burning brightly now.
Ball of white with yellow flame,
Going now to bed.

Shadows form as she goes down,
Down to her nightly bed.
A sky still lit in orange and blue,
As the land below goes dark.

Shining bright there on the edge,
In this time that’s between time.
Night she comes and Day she leaves,
And Twilight rules the sky.

From Her Mother’s Sacred Skirts

Birth of Stars
(NASA, Chandra, 10/7/08)
Image from NASA’s Marshall
Space Flight Center Flickr page

From Her Mother’s Sacred Skirts
By Muninn’s Kiss

There she stands,
In the midst of Space,
God Herself is here.
Great Mother of all,
The sacred Womb,
From whom we all have come.
Robes of Darkness,
Deepest Night,
All stars shine from it.
A thousand suns,
A million lights,
Upon Her sacred skirts.
In Her Pleasure,
Life conceived,
A child is born today.
A baby girl,
A wild one,
Young Nimue coming forth.
In the midst,
Of darkest Night,
A little girl comes forth.
Nimue’s seen,
Beneath the skirts,
Peaking out at us.
Slowly stepping,
Out to us,
From her Mother’s sacred skirts.

Snows of Winter, Heat of Summer

Image from SodaHead

Snows of Winter, Heat of Summer
By Muninn’s Kiss

Snows of Winter, heat of Summer,
Two times, two worlds.
The Twins, they dance.

Winter King, in darkness reigns,
Death and darkness, ice and cold.
A crown of thorns upon his head,
Clothed in shadows, hidden light.
Magic dark and waning sun.
Tettens, Woden, Hermes stalks,
From the Castle of Weeping comes.

Summer King in brightness reigns,
Life, rebirth, light, and heat.
Winged crown, light rebounds,
Clothed in fire, born in light.
The sun it rises, warms the land.
A Child is born to warm our hearts.
Lucet, Lucifer, Morning Star,
Riding forth on wings of the morning.

The Twins, they dance,
The passing year.
Light, then dark, then light again.
Two Kings reign, both to die,
Two grooms for oh blessed Night.
Life and Death, Light and Dark,
Ever changing, ever the same.
Snows of Winter melt and thaw.
Heat of Summer takes their place.
Out of darkness shines the brightest light.

I Turn

Image from A Charmed Life blog

I Turn
By Muninn’s Kiss

Celeste, Selene, Luna.
Moonlight on water, wind across the waves,
Night’s sweet embrace.
I rise from the water,
Dripping, flowing, down my naked back.
Cold wind, I shiver, exposed but free.
Moonlight on water drops, my skin pale.
Peaceful night, silent, alone.
Not alone.
Eyes on me.
I turn.