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Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Light

Kiss of Darkness, Kiss of Light
By Muninn’s Kiss

Kiss of darkness, kiss of light,
Kiss of coldness, kiss of heat,
Kiss of dreaming, kiss of stars,
Kiss most innocent, at the heart.

Kiss of secrets, kiss of ways,
Kiss of lost things, kiss burned away,
Kiss so deep, kiss so bright,
Kiss most intimate, at my core.

Kiss of beginnings, kiss of all ways,
Kiss most storming, kiss of change,
Kiss to remember, kiss of Fate,
Kiss most knowing, all I know.

Kiss of dawn, red rimmed with pink,
Kiss of sunlight, as west meets east,
New beginnings, and magic spawned,
Kiss of awakening, by dawn’s early light.

Kiss of noonday, of brightest light,
Kiss of sunlight, across the land,
At fulfillment, and solar heat,
Kiss of wakefulness, by noon’s bright light.

Kiss of dusk, violet rimmed red,
Kiss of starlight, as the sun sets,
Time of fading, but secrets wake,
Kiss of changes, by dusk’s last flame.

Kiss of midnight, of blackest night,
Kiss of moonlight, in heart of night,
Time for witching, and power strong,
Kiss of magic, by night’s dark cloak.

Kiss of power, kiss of strength,
Kiss of secrets, kiss of lies,
Kiss of wisdom, kiss of truth,
Kiss me now, time between times.


The Hunter’s Lamb

The Hunter’s Lamb
A Poem of Samhain
By Muninn’s Kiss

On a black altar on All Soul’s Night,
The Wounded Serpent makes last call,
He will not go down without a fight,
But he knows not enough will be hid all,
He howls defiance to the coming night,
But the Gates are open, he can hear the call,
The Horned Child pauses, about to strike,
He wants this death, he wants this fight,
A raised high sword, like a lightning flash,
But he’s still too slow for he missed the point,
A female figure all dressed in black,
A blood red veil, and a living knife,
With one fell slash, she takes a life,
Who was once her groom, now a sacrifice,
Blue blood runs from the Serpent’s throat,
His time is down, it is time to rest,
And with a knife still wet and a heavy heart,
She takes the arm of the fair Horned Child,
She leads him off to be the light,
Through winter’s darkness and the coldest night,
And the Serpent rests far beneath the Well,
A fitful slumber of dreams of spring,
He’ll awake again, and swim the Well,
A groom once more to a fickle Bride,
But for now in darkness that is but a dream,
With the Horned Child the victor upon the throne,
Through winter’s blanket and the barren land,
The Lord of Beasts and the Hunter’s Lamb.

A Mortal Wound

A Mortal Wound

A Poem of the Autumn Equinox and Michaelmas
By Muninn’s Kiss

The Horned Child rises ever strong,
Like a mighty angel with a sword of steel,
He ventures forth in search of prey,
Looking for a Serpent with feathered wings,
He finds him then, near end of life,
The Winged Serpent weak, while the Child is strong,
He stalks his prey desiring the kill,
He takes his time for the hour is nigh,
In the early snow, he finds the trail,
The autumn’s chill soon slows the snake,
The Child approached, so full of faith,
Of how this will end, of what’s at stake,
He raises his sword and makes the blow,
A mortal wound that can’t be healed,
But the time is short, and has not come,
The Wounded Serpent does get away,
The Child was wrong, the death wasn’t sure,
But he trudges one, still on the trail.

A Child of Blood

A Child of Blood
A Poem of Lugh’s Day
By Muninn’s Kiss
A child is born,
A child is given,
On the feast in fair Lugh’s name.
A child of light,
A child of blood,
A Horned Child is given birth.
Well of the Womb,
Water and darkness,
Born into the bright light of day.
Shining fair,
A Hunter born,
Of starlight and mystic earth.
Hunter and hunted,
Herder and rancher,
An animal both wild and free.
Born for the sword,
Born for the bow,
Born to be the Winged Serpent’s death.
A child is born,
A child is given,
On the feast in fair Lugh’s name.
A child of light,
A child of blood,
A Horned Child is given birth.

The Falling Leaf Moon

The Falling Leaf Moon
By Muninn’s Kiss (2012-12-15)

The leaves are falling to the ground,
As the heart above is sunward bound,
Fair Satevis the Red in sun’s fair light,
As the great hunter begins his fight,
The leaves bright colour now fades to brown,
And fall from heaven to earth’s dark mound,
Chilly breezes and first tongue of frost,
What we still see will soon be tossed,
And winter is coming will be the call,
As it will always be and is every Fall.

The Sagebrush Moon

The Sagebrush Moon
By Muninn’s Kiss (2012-09-04)

As the yarrow fades, and sagebrush blooms,
Across the rolling plains,

And the Yarrow Moon, is set and long gone,
The Sagebrush Moon has come,

And the timbre loud, of the koonj’s call,
Echoes down from above,

The maiden so fair, with her golden hair,
Bright shining as the sun,

Golden ear of grain, that star burning bright,
Bright sage that fills the night,

The sagebrush which stands, upon the wide plains,
Guardian of the plains,

It perks up its head, shows a golden main,
It blooms across the plains,

As temperatures drop, and summertime falls,
And summer fades so fast,

And the Sagebrush Moon, with its middle blue,
Calls Autumn to the fore.

The Changing Moon

The Changing Moon

By Muninn’s Kiss (2012-11-05)
The scales are tipping as the leaves change shade,
The scales are tipping in Autumn’s rays,
The red and orange, the yellow, green,
Bright colours showing as the temperatures change,
Third moon of Autumn, third harvest moon,
Each leaf changing and calling forth,
Life hangs in the balance, the weighing scales,
As Autumn fades to Winter’s gale.