The Night Devours You

Image from pxleyes Greek
Gods Photoshop Contest

The Night Devours You

By Muninn’s Kiss
Inspired by the words of an amazing girl, including some of hers

Look to the sky,
Feel the Night’s presence.
Night’s embrace,
The arms of Darkness hold you.
The Night envelops you,
It is hungry,
The Night devours you.
Lost in it.

As you are consumed,
You consume.
As the night devours you,
You devour.
Consumed becomes consumer,
Devouring yourself, one with yourself.
The Night and you are one.

Standing in the Void of Space,
But not alone.
You are Night,
You are God Herself,
Nuit, full of stars.
Complete in yourself,
Eternally satisfied.

The Mirror before you,
Yourself, looking at yourself,
In the Dark Mirror,
The curve of space.
Complete and alone,
Not alone.

You step towards.
She steps towards.
Night sees Night,
She is you.
You are Night.
She is Night.

Love, ecstasy.
Coupling, self with self.

Worlds spin away,
Creation begins.
Light out of Darkness.
Let there be light.
Shaking from passion.
Vibrations between atoms.
Night, proton.
Electron and neutron,
Twins, Divine Twins.
Big Bang, Big Orgasm.
Stars, the substance of stars.
Every man and woman is a star.

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.


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