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Hail Lupercal!

Hail Lupercal!
O hail the Wolf,
In all Her many guise!
The Tearing One,
Who fills the dark,
The Mother of everything!

Hail Lupercal!
O hail the Wolf,
Hail the Wild One!
Hail Her Get,
Hail Her Twins,
The Dancers of the Dark!

Hail Lupercal!
O hail the Wolf,
Hail the Hooded Three!
Hail fair Spinner,
Hail sly Weaver,
Hail the dreaded Cutter now!

Hail Lupercal!
O hail the Wolf,
And hail the Keeper Four,
White Fame and Red,
Green Flame and Blue,
Hail the mighty blowing Winds!

Hail Lupercal!
Oh hail the Wolf,
Hail the Goat and Wolf in one!
The feast each year,
An offering to God Herself!

~Hail Lupercal! a poem of Lupercalia by Bethany “Lorekeeper” Davis, February 18, 2017



The Twins,
Sometimes enemies fighting,
Sometimes lovers making love,
Sometimes friendly rivals,
Sometimes partners in crime.

The Bright Twin and the Darkling Twin,
Catalyst and Nexus,
Sometimes both male,
Sometimes both female,
Sometimes one of each,
Sometimes lines blurring.

Sometime one under the other’s foot, Sometimes vice versa,
And so the Dancers dance,
And the Pipers play.

~Pipers by Bethany “Lorekeeper” Davis, October 17, 2015

Beneath a Bright Blue Moon I Sit

Beneath a Bright Blue Moon I Sit
By Muninn’s Kiss (2012-09-01)

Beneath a bright blue moon I sit,
Upon the cold stone ground,
Bright white light from up above,
Two that now are as one,
Shining down she lights my world,
The stone and dirt and plants,
A single light that’s burning bright,
That blots on out the stars.

Far below in a well of black,
Two lights shining bright,
Two lights dance in darkest night,
Beneath the cold cold ground,
Shining up they meet her light,
These Twins that dance and play,
What’s one above is two below,
And ever more shall be.

In between on solid ground,
I sit and watch the light,
The two below the one above,
That lights the darkest night,
The two they dance beneath the ground,
The serpent in the well,
The one looks down at sleeping earth,
Her belly full with them.