Star of Evening, Star of Morning

Phosphorus and Hesperus 1881,
hanging in The De Morgan
Foundation in London.
Image from The Haunted Lamp blog.

Star of Evening, Star of Morning
By Muninn’s Kiss

Two twins born of the god of stars,
And the lady of the Dawn.
One is first, one is last,
But both of them are one.
Light-bringer and Night-bringer,
Morning and Evening.
Two brother courting,
The mother of all.

Eosphorus, Phosphorus,
Shining and winged.
Bringer of Dawn,
Bringer of Light.
Eos he calls, fair Aurora,
The first born does rise,
Fair Lucifer.

Hesperus, Hesper,
Vesperus, Vesper.
Great star of Death,
Bringer of Night.
Nyx goes before him,
Selene right behind.
The dark twin he is,
Cold Nocifer.

Lucifer and Nocifer,
Phosphorus and Vesper.
Both twins are courting,
The fair crescent moon.
Whichever does catch her,
Will make her with child.
The full moon will rise,
Pregnant and full.


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